Court Assigned Traffic School

Arlington, VA

Every day there are numerous accidents occurring on the roads. Even if you feel like you are an excellent driver, you could find yourself right in the middle of an accident. The best way to avoid unsafe drivers is to be a defensive driver. This means being alert to what is going on around you so that you can adjust as needed. Whether you have been driving for years or just learning to drive, there are several defensive driving courses you could take to help you become a better driver. These are especially great for teenagers who do not understand the concept of being a defensive driver.

At Safe Driving LLC, we offer many types of courses to help educate drivers of all ages. On top of our defensive driver courses, we also offer court assigned traffic school. This is a great way to fulfill a court order if you have received a traffic ticket. Many courts will allow you to take a class in order to have the ticket removed from your record. This not only cleans up your driving record, but it can also help you keep your insurance costs low. Every ticket you get only increases the amount you pay in insurance.

If you think one of these courses would be good for you or a family member, we are happy to help you sign up for the one that best fits your needs. Give us a call, stop by our Arlington, VA location, or check out our website at to learn more about the different programs we offer. We are happy to work with you to help fulfill a court order, keep your insurance costs low, and educate drivers in your household. Get a better driving record by simply signing up for one of our driver improvement programs.